LetsByteCode Headlines

Google Drive integrates with Chrome OS - This week, Google announced a long-awaited cloud service Google Drive (Driv... http://ping.fm/YAspm
Microsoft Mail has undergone massive hacking of accounts - A critical vulnerability in the e-mail service Hotmail by... http://ping.fm/9eUxq
Multimedia Player COWON Z2 based on Android - South Korean company, COWON has announced the release of a new multime... http://ping.fm/oMuZi
Sun needs a flexible approach http://ow.ly/1jdsUQ
Aisha India's "sister" Siri - The Indian company has released a smart phone Micromax Superfone A50 Superfone Ninja,... http://ping.fm/Hp8hr
Func GP-14: a game player with Android http://ow.ly/1jdkM6
Duracell on the Protection of Information - Flash drives with USB solidly occupied a niche in the market of devices ... http://ping.fm/JUQlU
Trojan.Spambot.11349 steals accounts from mail clients - The company "Doctor Web", a Russian developer of IT securit... http://ping.fm/hLisZ
Most interesting news and events for the week from 21 to 28 April http://ow.ly/1jdk5U
Reference design NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 cooler includes a "side" fan http://ow.ly/1jdk5S
Smartphones and Sony Xperia LT29i LT30i with two or four cores will be released this year http://ow.ly/1jdk5T
Trend Micro: Using HTML5 can lead to creation of botnets in browsers http://ping.fm/GQO2X
Kaspersky: Apple lags behind Microsoft's 10 years in the field of information security http://ping.fm/EYN4Z
Phishers prey on bank customers - According to G Data SecurityLabs, banking theme remains popular with phishers. Acc... http://ping.fm/CRUWB
Hackers attacked Philippine portals on the grounds of conflict with China http://ping.fm/SKtUB
Microsoft: Conficker worm and all dangerous - The company has published a global report for the second half of 2011.... http://ping.fm/aDAbZ
Hackers broke into the portal of Afghan government - Government web-site of the Taliban in Afghanistan has been comp... http://ping.fm/iXPBu
U.S. and Britain have closed 36 fraudulent web-sites - Portals with  compromised data on bank cards were blocked. Du... http://ping.fm/5d5xm
PHP IDE Review : CodeLobster - For a long time, I worked in PHP for development. I’ve developed Java Web application... http://ping.fm/heilt
Hacking has led off an oil terminal in Iran - Hackers have introduced malware into the computer system of the Minist... http://ping.fm/Rm8fH
Hackers managed to disrupt the correct operation of CIA site http://ping.fm/UAPmI
India the world leader in terms of outbound spam - Sophos researchers have published a spam report for the first qu... http://ping.fm/7LSjY
Companies do not encrypt critical data - Study systems encryption has shown that, despite last year's incidents of i... http://ping.fm/1I5F6
The gaming industry this week. 16-22 April 2012 http://ow.ly/1j4Dqg
Trojan steals data from IBM through motion sensor and accelerometer phone http://ping.fm/a8ZS4
SpyEye botnets are sold at a reasonable price - Researchers are concerned about attempts to increase the risk of com... http://ping.fm/KTkvU
MalSec: A new group within the Anonymous - Announced a new hacker group Malicious Security (MalSec), which is going ... http://ping.fm/p582y
Facebook users is rapidly approaching one billion people - The number of Facebook users is rapidly approaching one b... http://ping.fm/JCgyw
A critical vulnerability in OpenSSL - The vulnerability allows a remote user to compromise a vulnerable system. Open... http://ping.fm/LqdOJ
Google has detected 20,000 malicious web-sites - Company experts believe that the portals have become the victim of ... http://ping.fm/JZsva
Austria has arrested a 15-year-old hacker - All stolen information by the hacker were published in public domain. Au... http://ping.fm/VN1qE
Hacker from Estonia indicted in the U.S. - An attacker could infect more than 4 million computers around the world w... http://ping.fm/rRLFz
Websense: Traditional methods of protecting computer systems no longer apply http://ping.fm/d8ShO
Facebook users will receive e-mail addresses in accordance with the names of pages http://ping.fm/vhfCd
The new virus for Mac exploits a vulnerability in Java - According to Sophos, the virus as well as Sabpab Flashback ... http://ping.fm/AG9HS
Trend Micro: the most dangerous is the Android mobile OS - According to researchers, the most secure operating syste... http://ping.fm/xZMgw
ISSSource: To Stuxnet worm epidemic intelligence agencies involved in the U.S. and Israel http://ping.fm/x8eMr
Quarterly report on "the worst hosts" - Researchers led the list of the worst hosts, as well as describe the trends ... http://ping.fm/3010l
Linking from one webpage to a section of another webpage - To link from one web page to a section/part of another pa... http://ping.fm/AYLl1
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta. Familiarity with the latest version of the popular image editor http://ow.ly/1iKVMX
Savings: the cause of failure of computer systems could be a virus http://ping.fm/X6iEM
Bitdefender warns of fraud on Facebook - Attackers try to force the victim to download a number of malicious applica... http://ping.fm/btWFu
Sophos: Attacks with a black search engine optimization for frequent queries on the eve of Easter http://ping.fm/0vLAS
British Ministry of Internal Affairs website hacked - Hackers of the Anonymous group blocked the website of the Mini... http://ping.fm/9I6aj
The gaming industry this week. 8.2 April 2012 http://ow.ly/1iEShK
Electronic books are gaining popularity http://ow.ly/1iEShL
Flashback virus hit 550,000 vehicles - Malware could hit 550,000 devices based on Mac OS X. Make anti-virus company,... http://ping.fm/8A0in
A large Indian company accused of fraudulent visas - The company designed the backdated documents and did not pay ro... http://ping.fm/avhV3
Dell is going to buy Wyse Technology - Dell has announced an agreement to purchase the defining Wyse Technology, whi... http://ping.fm/6EFBY
European hackers attacked the site of U.S. Department of Health http://ping.fm/ngJIu
The main forum "Al-Qaeda" restored - Web-site Shumukh al-Islam, the main forum of supporters of a terrorist organiza... http://ping.fm/nleyl
How to Use Pinterest for Business - isn't just another social media network. What appears to be the fastest-growing ... http://ping.fm/mwe9m
Hitachi GST has released the first 4-terabyte enterprise hard drive http://ping.fm/dOUli
Visa has stopped cooperation with Global Payments - Visa has removed from the register of Global Payments satisfy th... http://ping.fm/tsCJy
TeaMp0isoN hacked Croatian web-site of NATO - On the home page of the resource hackers posted a message, which indic... http://ping.fm/k20WO
Leonid Kuvaeva spammer was sentenced to 20 years in prison - Kuvaeva sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment and to pay ... http://ping.fm/ttQCE
Researchers have found MBR-rootkit for Android - DKFBootKit can be integrated into the boot process and run up to th... http://ping.fm/4rrIl
Leakage of up to 10 million VISA and MasterCard - Company VISA and MasterCard warned banks about the incident in a U... http://ping.fm/Ohuaz
The gaming industry this week. March 26 - April 1, 2012 http://ow.ly/1iu3tT