LetsByteCode Headlines

War of the future http://ow.ly/1hIHJP
Beta version of Microsoft Windows 8 http://ow.ly/1hICPl
MWC 2012: 7.7-inch Toshiba tablet with NVIDIA Tegra 3 and Android ICS http://ping.fm/NAbXC
Synology Launches NAS-server XS series in 2012 and introduced an 8-disc DiskStation DS1812 + http://ping.fm/5cxcf
MWC 2012: Huawei plans to release a smartphone based on Tizen http://ping.fm/vQPJj
MWC 2012: Acer CloudMobile smartphone with HD-display - Company Acer, as promised recently demonstrated at the exhib... http://ping.fm/p2BF1
Symantec announced the launch of a cloud service single sign-O3 http://ping.fm/T3eks
Romanian researcher discovered XSS vulnerability - Security researcher has posted a YouTube video containing a descr... http://ping.fm/yXy5z
Two residents of France are accused of creating a Trojan application http://ping.fm/7WeaE
Yahoo! intends to file a patent suit against Facebook - In the disputed patents describe technology advertising and ... http://ping.fm/nwLVb
Hacking Microsoft India has led to diversion of financial data to clients http://ping.fm/roGLf
Cisco plans to expand the monitoring system Securex - Company representatives announced their intention to integrate... http://ping.fm/3Jmwq
EFF needs to protect the rights of programmers - The members of the EFF European new directive threatens the rights ... http://ping.fm/fdP7e
MWC 2012: Broadcom introduced a new platform for smartphones based on Android 4.0 http://ow.ly/1hGpPc
Anonymous hacked the site of Canadian Police - Hackers protesting against a new law that allows police to request IS... http://ping.fm/pPJcL
In 2011 malware threats for Android-devices have increased by 1980%s
QRadar Security Intelligence Platform will analyze data in real time from more than 400 different sources. http://ping.fm/1z681
The U.S. government intends to re-detain Kim dot-com - Judgment will be rendered founder MegaUpload Court of New Zea... http://ping.fm/UrDXZ
AGARI offers companies free to deploy the solution DMARC - DMARC is used to authenticate the senders of e-mails. The... http://ping.fm/rrEmp
Motorola patent lawsuit caused the temporary shutdown of iCloud in Germany by Apple http://ping.fm/4xTdI
Intego warns of new Trojans for Mac OS X - The Trojan exploits the vulnerability of Java and stealing bank details. ... http://ping.fm/QwjDF
The U.S. helped the suspect escape the punishment of possession of child pornography http://ping.fm/TpR1R
Facebook accused of reading user input - Facebook accused of reading SMS-messages smartphone users, as well as to co... http://ping.fm/zhFZk
Mozilla will release its own mobile device based on the Boot to Gecko http://ping.fm/f37E9
Mozilla: Technology ASLR will be mandatory for all the binary parts of the browser http://ping.fm/w3Gzc
Released Metasploit 4.2: IPv6, VMware and many new modules - Since the October release of Metasploit exploit added 5... http://ping.fm/ouue7
Trojan.Dropper.UAJ modifies the library comres.dll - Researchers at antivirus company Softwin (software developer Bi... http://ping.fm/Ny2Of
ASUS K53TA: is there life after Intel? - Hardly anyone would argue with the assertion that Intel is still the market... http://ping.fm/5C6r2
The retailer opened the release date God of War IV http://ow.ly/1hCE3D
In Moscow, arrested the organizers of DDoS-attacks - In Moscow, arrested two brothers who organized criminal group s... http://ping.fm/9BFRG
New Medal of Honor will be released in October http://ow.ly/1hCE3C
Google thought about the issue of its own tablet - Google in 2012, plans to release a tablet with a 7-inch screen, a... http://ping.fm/hY3dg
General Atomics has tested the system deviations for UAVs http://ow.ly/1hCE3A
Blizzard attributed to the development of shareware games http://ow.ly/1hCE3B
Developers ArmA III open alpha version of the game to fans http://ow.ly/1hCE3E
ElcomSoft: 50% of users do not change the default passwords - 25% of study participants regularly change their passw... http://ht.ly/1hCcLI
McAfee has published a report virus activity - According to statistics for the 4th quarter of 2011, the number of ne... http://ping.fm/3sDx5
Former executive director of McAfee founded a new company CrowdStirke http://ping.fm/2lsq2
Symantec: the growing popularity of mobile devices poses a threat to corporations http://ping.fm/V56hS
YouPorn porn site denied the leak of user data - Hackers broke Chat YP Chay, who has no relationship to the site You... http://ping.fm/AB38E
"The Iranian Cyberarmy" hacked Azerbaijani TV portal - Hackers had defeys the main page of the official website of s... http://ping.fm/xQX4t
Australian residents have been disconnected from the international segment of the Internet http://ping.fm/PcYBQ
Photodex ProShow Producer 5.0.3222: creating presentations http://ow.ly/1hzJmu
PlayBoy Model touts PlayStation Vita http://ow.ly/1hzJmq
Anonymous denied rumors about plans to turn off electricity in the U.S. http://ow.ly/1hzJmr
Sony has updated the PS3 firmware to version 4.11 http://ow.ly/1hzJmt
The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim continually improve http://ow.ly/1hzJms
Founder of Megaupload released on bail - According to the court, the unavailability of funds dotcom not allow him to... http://ping.fm/fu7xg
Safari User Sues Google - A resident of Illinois has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Delaware for infringement o... http://ping.fm/YoJR7
Spam messages with fake notices from the RIAA contain malicious application http://ping.fm/YkQFL
Denmark has blocked the site for the exchange of music content Grooveshark http://ping.fm/GLy3W
These porn site users are in the public domain - The flaw in the security system server porn site led to that the pe... http://ping.fm/01RjU
WikiLeaks will prove the fact of collaboration with the Swedish Minister of the United States http://ping.fm/E6oqB
Online Street Shopping - Online Shopping is the highest growing multibillion-dollar business in the world. Online sh... http://ping.fm/42Ssm
Something about NON-E-Shoppers - Some of our non-e-shoppers do not have any explanation as to why they do not want t... http://ping.fm/5m7En
The Pirate Bay could be blocked in the UK - The Supreme Court has recognized the UK The Pirate Bay guilty of copyrig... http://ping.fm/9iwI8
Anonymous developed WebLOIC DDOS tool for mobile devices based on Android http://ping.fm/SaH6u
Bank of Israel was attacked by Iranian hackers - Investigating the incident, took over the National Security Service... http://ping.fm/pPNgt
Thousands of hospital customers data compromised - Due to incorrect settingsof security systems, data of 21 thousand... http://ping.fm/QNSrv
Retailer declassified portion of a new Call of Duty http://ow.ly/1hwoQK
Latest developments in Diablo III http://ow.ly/1hwkYr
iPad will receive three 8-megapixel camera, case and processor Apple A5X http://ping.fm/bF5wZ
UFC Undisputed 3 became the leader of the British charts http://ow.ly/1hwkYs
Addition to the Assassin's Creed: Revelations will be released February 28 http://ow.ly/1hwkYt
ZyXEL introduced universal 3G/4G-internet-centers for LTE and UMTS http://ping.fm/DYGQo
Mouse Gigabyte AIRE M1 Retractable Optical Mouse has a retractable "tail" http://ping.fm/JFBUM
New Hi-Fi Headphones Audio-Technica Series Art Monitor - Japanese company, Audio-Technica has released three new Hi-... http://ping.fm/ymS5N
Windows 8 will receive a new logo in a window - Continues to receive information about the next version of the accou... http://ping.fm/VMyKt
Google is developing a new password manager for Chrome - Password Manager for Chrome will create passwords that matc... http://ping.fm/qF2BM
Xerox and McAfee will be engaged in the protection of printers http://ping.fm/K5z7l
Phone LG A290 three SIM-card now official - An interesting phone LG A290 , which supports the work of the three SIM-... http://ping.fm/AuPtX
Biostar TZ77XE4 board on the new chipset for Intel Z77 Ivy Bridge http://ping.fm/0Rrgp
Solution ESET NOD32 File Security is available for beta testing http://ping.fm/i6u7k
Android 5.0 is due out this spring Sources - Taiwanese online publication Digitimes, citing its own sources in the ... http://ping.fm/lmmsJ
The main events of last week, 13-19 February 2012 http://ow.ly/1hu8TI
The gaming industry this week. 13-19 February 2012 http://ow.ly/1hu8TJ
StopTheHacker the future of antivirus services? - Artificial intelligence system StopTheHacker received 1.1 million... http://ping.fm/dsZga
Brazilian ATM-sniffer "Chupacabra" - Expert "Kaspersky Lab" Assolini Fabio (Fabio Assolini) on his blog at Securelis... http://ping.fm/KTVXO
The first DDoS-attacks on IPv6 - In 2011 there were a few DDoS-attacks on a network of IPv6, but their number was in... http://ping.fm/Ly9Z2
Facebook will inspect the accounts of celebrities - To verify your account to Facebook, users will need to send a co... http://ping.fm/G5t7d
Researchers have found a vulnerability in most implementations of DNS servers http://ping.fm/nQ7jr
Google found guilty of deliberate surveillance of users of Safari http://ping.fm/lzArJ
Qualis has released a utility for finding vulnerabilities in the solutions for web-conferencing http://ping.fm/IbASd
Adobe removed the zero-day vulnerability in Flash Player - Adobe has released a security patch, which corrected the ... http://ping.fm/QBnWV
The network detected a new variant of Waledac botnet - A new variant of Waledac botnet is not only sends spam, but a... http://ping.fm/AP9sL
Anonymous hacked the e-mail of Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand http://ping.fm/mI2Kl
The British council will pay 80 thousand pounds for data leakage http://ping.fm/RlD86
Google has eliminated 12 vulnerabilities in Chrome - Of the 12 vulnerabilities fixed, 7 can compromise a vulnerable ... http://ping.fm/rwA6k
Attack on the DNS-infrastructure of the Internet on March 31 http://ping.fm/3aT4c
Critical patches for Java, Flash and Shockwave - By yesterday's set of patches that are released company Microsoft, ... http://ping.fm/uMoaI
First look at ASUS B23E: Most anticipated subnotebook of the year http://ping.fm/YlsMK
Top 10 manufacturers of mobile phones up to 2011 - Nokia has retained leadership of the global mobile phone market, ... http://ping.fm/QHQRf
American Stock Exchange and Nasdaq BATS suffered a DDoS-attack http://ping.fm/JyadN
Three groups of hackers broke into NASA - Hackers claim that they managed to steal a few gigabytes of confidential i... http://ping.fm/1mviD
Eset has released an antivirus solution to protect the Windows Server Core http://ping.fm/uQzjv
Juniper Networks: In 2011 the volume of mobile malware increased by 155%s
Anonymous hacked the site of the manufacturer of tear gas - The attack was in retaliation for sale by chemical weapo... http://ping.fm/erPa7
The creator of the BitTorrent protocol intends to "kill television" http://ping.fm/hWUCn
Customers of Stratfor once again faced with spam - Unidentified attackers send a trojan e-mail addresses, stolen ear... http://ping.fm/CBVbW
Anonymous began to fight with the government of Bahrain - Anonymous announced their intention to attack a number of ... http://ping.fm/bldOQ
Hackers broke Cryptome.org - The hackers posted on the website script that redirect visitors to a malicious resource... http://ping.fm/enFCn
Hackers stole information from the IT-systems, Nortel for several years http://ping.fm/ZojQX
Adobe has eliminated nine critical vulnerabilities in Shockwave Player http://ping.fm/svero
Internet con artists using the theme of re-Valentine's Day to spread malware http://ping.fm/BJM3I
Microsoft Store India Hacked - The Indian retail Web site from Microsoft today was not available when performed on a... http://ping.fm/tcrmY
In February, Microsoft will release nine security bulletins - February 14, Microsoft will release nine security bull... http://ping.fm/v3Zcg
Anonymous hacked site of the CIA - A group of hackers Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the attack on the sit... http://ping.fm/lqOMW
The most anticipated mobile gadgets in 2012 http://ping.fm/T99XB
Apple and Samsung control 95% of the global mobile phone market http://ht.ly/1hk19U
Facebook INFESTED with Ads - Facebook is infested with Ads these days, it doesn't feel like Facebook any longer inst... http://ping.fm/5wCl3
eCommerce Growth in India to $1 Billion in 2012 - eCommerce in India is going to boost to apprx $1 billion this year http://ping.fm/i9zwr
On the eve of Saturday's protests Iran disables access to some Internet services http://ping.fm/vujV6
The court has banned programmer of Megaupload from accessing the Internet http://ping.fm/8wVDV
The old elf in a new way http://ow.ly/1hijvH
Blizzard argued with Valve for DotA http://ow.ly/1hijvG
New Xbox attributed touchscreen controller http://ow.ly/1hifuZ
LG Optimus Vu a smartphone with a rare display ratio of 4:3 http://ping.fm/hJu6w
Miniature Player Ritmix RF-2300 - The Korean company has announced Ritmix appearance on the market a new MP3-player ... http://ping.fm/aFfFY
M86 Security: The level of malicious spam has increased to 5% in the second half of 2011 http://ht.ly/1hhD4x
Google will soon provide a home "entertainment system" - Google will soon provide a home "entertainment system", wri... http://ping.fm/zpq0p
Website of Russian Embassy in Ukraine hacked - Website of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine has been compromised person... http://ping.fm/UxP1r
Symantec: active botnet directs thousands of devices based on Android OS http://ping.fm/QkwqM
Bing test a new interface on SERPs - As informs this edition of Search Engine Land, Search Engine Bing began testing... http://ping.fm/qfW4T
Anonymous knocked out another site "United Russia" - At this time the attack was targeted by hackers on the web-site... http://ping.fm/qbYUN
Google Wallet vulnerability has been discovered - Vulnerability in Google Wallet allows hackers to gain access to th... http://ping.fm/YsnWl
OSCE: a threat to online freedom of expression exists - Today, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, Eamon Gilmore... http://ping.fm/YK8Ae
A copy of The Pirate Bay is only 90 MB - One of the users of the service decided to keep a backup copy of the resour... http://ping.fm/qCsN7
Solution ESET NOD32 Gateway Security is open for beta testing http://ping.fm/AZmtY
Hacked iTunes accounts are still a problem for Apple - On CNN's website not too long ago there was a very interestin... http://ping.fm/Uekkl
Nvidia announced at the MWC 2012 the first smartphone on Tegra 3 http://ow.ly/1hgJgA
Lenovo posted a net profit of $ 153 million http://ow.ly/1hgJgz
AMD has released a low-cost graphics card FirePro V3900 - AMD today announced the launch of a new discrete graphics ... http://ping.fm/xMA1Z
Google will pay for user data - Finder has announced the creation of the program Screenwise, which will examine the ... http://ping.fm/E5XuY
Future Intel processors will be able to support transactional memory http://ping.fm/McDEO
BBC journalists banned from writing exclusive news on Twitter http://ping.fm/1OL2M
StatCounter: Mobile traffic increased by 2 times per year - According to the survey, most of the traffic generated b... http://ping.fm/VIP8S
Trustwave: in 2011, hackers often attacked the system of industrial enterprises http://ping.fm/dNKMt
Google will release Terminator glasses - As developed by Google goggles instead of glasses to be mounted transparent... http://ping.fm/SuCbV
Anonymous Russia continue to publish archives of "corrupt officials and bloggers" http://ping.fm/JwjgR
Popular torrent trackers are thinking about closing - After the closure of the popular torrent tracker MegaUpload ow... http://ping.fm/FAbeb
Hitachi Launches New SSD-drives - Japanese electronics maker Hitachi today announced the launch of a new generation ... http://ping.fm/DlVtM
RealPlayer eliminated seven critical vulnerabilities - Discovered in RealPlayer which can be exploited by malicious ... http://ping.fm/Z5uSI
Anonymous posted information about court proceedings related to killings of civilians in Iraq http://ping.fm/BO6uU
Flash Player for Firefox will have a sandbox - According to experts Adobe, sandbox technology will raise the safety ... http://ping.fm/5UIsO
Czech anti-piracy law postponed the ratification of ACTA - Czech Prime Minister said that before the adoption of ACT... http://ping.fm/1qtmC
"Start" will disappear in Windows 8 - In Windows 8 interfaces can be switched using the Windows key on the keyboard ... http://ping.fm/F10wG
PandaLabs published a report on cyber security in 2011 - Last year was the year of cybercrime and cyberweapons, scam... http://ping.fm/sD8bS
Table for iPhone - JVC has introduced a speaker dock for iPhone and iPod, made as a bedside table. Model nomenclatur... http://ping.fm/sbsyY
Morse code for -. .. -. . -. - Programmer and developer Martin Kaltenbryunner created key decoder to transmit messa... http://ping.fm/UXWn8
Mirrorless dedication to K-Mount - The company announced the Pentax Ricoh mirrorless camera Pentax K-01, using the s... http://ping.fm/Yd3Iy
Gaming Notebook Review MSI GT780DX: the ideal machine for virtual murder http://ping.fm/y12Rr
Acer Iconia Tab A200: the reincarnation of the most successful tablet on the market http://ping.fm/Biy7e
The new version Trojan.Winlock threatens residents of Arab countries http://ping.fm/ts7C8
The new Android-trojan server technology uses a rare polymorphism http://ping.fm/lqfHQ
The Criminalization - The Criminalization of America by Criminal Background Check.org http://ping.fm/xl4f9
Dell's Migration from SUSE Linux to Oracle Linux - In June of 2010, Dell made the decision to migrate 1,700 systems ... http://ping.fm/3Gkgn
Basic Insights of E-commerce in India - I have been checking the online market statistics regularly & have noticed a... http://ping.fm/JcooX
What sells in Online Shopping market? Is it just the online shopping deals that are luring customers to indulge in o... http://ping.fm/LcQfV
BUY CLOTHING ONLINE made even more simpler - Buying clothes from online shopping sites is a simple task to do; you c... http://ping.fm/we7st
HTC is preparing a white version of HTC Sensation with Android 4.0 http://ow.ly/1h988m
"The Messenger" starts selling smartphone Samsung Wave 3 http://ow.ly/1h988n
In Germany suspended sales of iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and all the 3G-version iPad http://ow.ly/1h953U
Bouncer protects against viruses Android Market http://ow.ly/1h953S
IDC: Nokia remained the leader in mobile market http://ow.ly/1h953T
Anonymous attacked government sites in Ireland - Discussion of anti-piracy laws prompted the Irish government attack... http://ping.fm/5H1UT
Critical vulnerability in PHP 5.3.9 - The vulnerability allows a remote user to execute arbitrary code on the target... http://ping.fm/DIdmh
Sophos: Counterclank not malware for Android - Experts from Sophos's claim that it is a trojan Counterclank advertis... http://ping.fm/CFT5F
Romanian hacker breaking into computer systems of NASA and the Pentagon, is arrested http://ping.fm/IUytt
Chrome and Firefox losing popularity among users - Use the default version of IE 6 browser enabled by Microsoft to s... http://ping.fm/NR7r5
The gaming industry for the week. 23-29 January 2012 http://ow.ly/1h6IhH
Hackers of the Anonymous Brasil disabled the site of the largest Brazilian bank http://ping.fm/kPlRK
Apple releases Mac OS X 10.7.3 - Apple has today released the third cumulative update for its operating system, Mac ... http://ping.fm/GlCvk
The U.S. Congress can pass a new law to protect mobile data - The bill requires the company to obtain approval of th... http://ping.fm/kFoFA
PandaLabs has detected a worm on Facebook - Experts warn about a new threat to the social network. Experts in inform... http://ping.fm/KZQhX
Government contractors under the threat of targeted attacks - Developers of solutions for information security repor... http://ping.fm/deHlC
Google was fined € 500 000 in France - According to the agency France Presse, a French commercial court declared on ... http://ping.fm/g05fn
Samsung EC suspected of violating antitrust laws - The European Commission initiated an investigation against Samsun... http://ping.fm/MYFgs
Hackers can get information about credit cards with RFID-chips http://ping.fm/krMt9
McAfee: Hackers a step ahead - According to research McAfee, cybercriminals have more advantages than those who prot... http://ping.fm/cyyLE