LetsByteCode Headlines

Alibaba is preparing to acquire Yahoo - Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group recently hired a Washington lobbying ... http://ping.fm/Fu311
WinPatrol 24.0.2012.0: versatile anti-spyware http://ow.ly/1gtpYe
DC + + 0.790 Experimental: file sharing http://ow.ly/1gtpYf
Released demo Gears Of War 3 http://ow.ly/1gtpYg
The Court of Final Fantasy XI has ended http://ow.ly/1gtnxX
Trion Worlds website hacked http://ow.ly/1gtnxZ
New details about the "tank" from Borderlands 2 http://ow.ly/1gtnxW
Gundam go to PS Vita http://ow.ly/1gtnxV
Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations will be released in the spring http://ow.ly/1gtnxY
Mobile, Facebook is about 300 million people - The analyst firm Enders Analysis says that according to its monitorin... http://ping.fm/BRDo0
Researchers have documented the growth of attacks using password-protected files http://ping.fm/OVzm1
Groupon bought the company Campfire Labs - Number of collective service Groupon confirmed on the eve of the acquisit... http://ping.fm/8yIR1
Chinese Internet sector starts campaign to tighten control over content http://ping.fm/8tNdj
The court decided to grant the request of prosecutors disclosure of anonymous blogger on Twitter http://ping.fm/MJKfT
Apple patent the system of face recognition on laptops and mobile devices http://ping.fm/Pb8eF
Google fined for insulting a combination of words in search queries http://ping.fm/UdpIr
JPublisher Support for Web Services Call-Ins to the Database http://ping.fm/DWVzq
The updated fee GIGABYTE GA-EG41MFT-US2H for Socket LGA775 http://ow.ly/1gsgzO
Using the Database as Service Provider for Web Services - Web Services uses industry-standard mechanisms to provide ... http://ping.fm/QX7OU
SSD-new items ORICO HM01 Series with SATA III to the Marvell controller http://ow.ly/1gsgzN
Database Web Services - Web services technology enables application-to-application interaction over the Web regardl... http://ping.fm/ex76s
New Indian plate for $ 57 will be released in January http://ow.ly/1gsgzQ
Silicon Power «refreshing» USB-stick series LuxMini 720 http://ow.ly/1gsgzP
iPhone 5 will be made of metal and rubber http://ping.fm/lOH2w
Leaked information about the first netbook Lenovo platform Cedar Trail http://ping.fm/F68xz
Apple TV sales could begin in late 2012 - According to DigiTimes, Apple TV sales of the first named iTV with a 32 an... http://ping.fm/clf5q
Huawei U8800 Ideos X5 received the updated Android 2.3 Gingerbread http://ping.fm/ljq2d
HP and the "Elvis-plus" test drive "force" 5.3 on HP ProLiant servers http://ping.fm/6VLkT
Twitter users in Kuwait are required to use real names - The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kuwait, has obliged the... http://ping.fm/fDhIs
Commtouch: The main threat to Facebook in 2011 - Three quarters of all malicious activity on Facebook were made with... http://ping.fm/MzItZ
LK: In Duqu and Stuxnet on the platform «Tilded» was created at least one other spyware module http://ping.fm/BGHWj
Wibu-Systems solution for protection of banking applications Wincor Nixdorf http://ping.fm/JNftU
Bloggers Protest against "double standards" LiveJournal - The reason for the protest was an indifferent attitude to ... http://ping.fm/mH0LD
In the WPS standard Wi-Fi routers found serious vulnerability http://ping.fm/ZTaDH
Hackers will be able to perform DDoS attacks on train control system http://ping.fm/jFFUo
Hackers stole 40 million credentials to users of Chinese social networking site Tianya http://ping.fm/V81Af
McAfee: Report on upcoming threats in 2012 - In 2012. expected to increase the number of threats to mobile platforms... http://ping.fm/MhQzG
Google was accused of patent infringement of buySAFE - Google plans to launch a new service Google Trusted Stores, w... http://ping.fm/hg3Vt
Identity Finder: Hackers have stolen personal data 50 thousand customers Stratfor http://ping.fm/RhxUd
2012 the year of mobile marketing? - Mobile devices have received due recognition during the 2011, but the holiday ... http://ping.fm/zM0Re
In the U.S., launched a lawsuit against the Romanian phishers http://ping.fm/uS4mS
Bloggers in Shanghai will be obliged to use real names - Shanghai authorities have imposed new rules under which all... http://ping.fm/pi4x3
Forecasts for 2012 : Internet becomes social - Content Marketing Institute posted a presentation with projections of... http://ping.fm/XvrZP
Hacker carried jailbreak iOS 5.0.1. - A hacker has found pod2g hack iOS 5.0.1, which does not require rebooting the ... http://ping.fm/lTNSt
Turkish hackers conducted DDoS-attacks on dozens of French web-resources http://ping.fm/0kqcs
Serious vulnerability in cellular GSM technology discovered - Due to the increased risk of compromised mobile device... http://ping.fm/t618B
New screenshots of Windows 8 - Screenshots of the desktop, windows Windows Explorer, and other panel settings. Accor... http://ping.fm/ZGGLl
What is Open source? - The appointment Open Source , "open source" in French or open-source  , applies to software w... http://ping.fm/OqjQj
History of Open Source - The use of the designation open source was suggested by Christine Peterson of the Foresight... http://ping.fm/uYKGB
Pakistan a haven for cyber criminals - Pakistani legislation designed to prevent computer crimes, has ceased to act... http://ping.fm/wEMhS
EFF intends to collect files from Carrier IQ phone users - Carrier IQ software from the stores on mobile devices use... http://ping.fm/cjIfV
Intego warns of phishing attack on Apple users - As part of a phishing attack scammers are trying to fraudulently ge... http://ping.fm/3it6l
Defenders: hackers flaunt police incompetence - Activists have accused the Interior Ministry of sabotaging investiga... http://ping.fm/Px9lQ
Compromised database of Trion Worlds - As a result of hacking database Trion Worlds, scammers gained access to perso... http://ping.fm/xyA9L
"Blocking Windows" brought student to suicide - According to the pre-investigation checks, child committed suicide, ... http://ping.fm/lKe2s
Trend Micro: 12 predictions for security in 2012 - Trend Micro has made threats to the security outlook for 2012. Pr... http://ping.fm/P0KDd
Chinese Internet dissident jailed for political crimes - Chinese Internet dissident sentenced to 10 years in prison ... http://ping.fm/lyZIb
U.S. softened attitude to gambling on the Internet - According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the rates are not ... http://ping.fm/OlgqI
British government will block access to social networks - Despite the refusal of the British government from blockin... http://ping.fm/J88yG
IT-specialist from Google discovered a vulnerability in SCADA-systems Siemens http://ping.fm/xFZN7
OpenOffice will be released in 2012 under the name Apache - The new version of OpenOffice will be created for testin... http://ping.fm/No4Zo
The variety of sales platforms is growing exponentially http://ping.fm/WOM9x
What consumers want – today and in the future - People’s personal expectations are reflected in their buying behavio... http://ping.fm/Moeyy
Trend towards private labels http://ping.fm/ORT4c
Enabling, Disabling, and Monitoring Logging for Oracle Internet Directory Garbage Collectors http://ping.fm/0QYfy
Variety of eCommerce - The amount of various eCommerce types existing today boggles imagination. Realization of good... http://ping.fm/e0tZL
Change Log Purging in Multimaster Replication - Both replication and Oracle Directory Integration Platform use chang... http://ping.fm/pSs2l
Modifying Oracle Internet Directory Garbage Collectors -  Modifying a Garbage Collector by Using Oracle Directory Ma... http://ping.fm/fUH2M
Garbage Collector Entries and the Oracle Internet Directory Statistics Collector Entry http://ping.fm/aZwsd
Waiving off Java can be a good solution - Since new Java-vulnerability exploits are often used sets and users often ... http://ping.fm/3qwyQ
Ducati Superbike 1199 Panigale 2012 http://ow.ly/1gn1Fo
Mice - Logitech G9x http://ow.ly/1gn1Fl
Stratfor hacked - The hacker group Anonymous hacked the website of the American private-analytical research firm Str... http://ping.fm/azKuX
Iron Man 2 Mark IV http://ow.ly/1gn1Fm
ASUS Transformer Prime Review http://ow.ly/1gn1Fn
Amazon offers a "cloud computing cluster" - Hosted a division of Amazon today presented its new service that may int... http://ping.fm/zhbw1
HP has updated the system firmware for LaserJet printers - Hewlett-Packard Company today announced the release of an... http://ping.fm/ZxLmf
the MOD monster http://ow.ly/1gmYPx
LinkedIn opens its source code search engine IndexTank - Professional social network LinkedIn announced the opening ... http://ping.fm/rCQf4
Indian Internet company started removing "anti-religious" and "anti-social" content http://ping.fm/Wp81T
Home Interface - The home interface defines the methods that allow a client to create and find an entity bean. The S... http://ping.fm/FITqP
Entity Beans - The sample entity bean class is called SavingsAccountBean. As you look through its code, note that i http://ping.fm/Pwc0y
Finder Methods - The finder methods allow clients to locate entity beans. The SavingsAccountClient program locates e... http://ping.fm/miXcO
EntityBean Interface - The Entity Beans interface extends the EnterpriseBean interface, which extends the Serializab... http://ping.fm/SKZgU
Business Methods - The business methods contain the business logic that you want to encapsulate within the entity be... http://ping.fm/dHX6n
The web's largest registrar decided not to support anti-piracy law http://ping.fm/SIjmQ
"Black Diamond" based on the Radeon HD 6850 from Sapphire http://ow.ly/1glSSD
Sony sees no need to apologize for the problems with PlayStation Vita http://ow.ly/1glSSC
The Turning Point: iPhone loses market - Averages for Europe talk about reducing the demand for the iPhone.This is d... http://ping.fm/GvGvO
Nevada may legalize themselves in online poker - The U.S. state of Nevada may soon become the first state in the cou... http://ping.fm/qAxm2
Festive boom of Internet shopping underlines weaknesses of web applications http://ping.fm/HFLbQ
Play with the MSI! - MSI has introduced to the market a new high performance gaming laptop GT780DX. The laptop has ... http://ping.fm/iXX1j
Flash map of Lilliput - Dutch producer Deonet began to produce "the world's smallest" USB flash drives USB. The driv... http://ping.fm/gEgoh
Tree Service in electronics - Fans of ecologically perfect things will be happy to know that the market appeared set... http://ping.fm/PsNdu
The notebook for musicians HP Envy 14-1120er http://ow.ly/1glatt
Elite notebook HP EliteBook 8440p http://ow.ly/1glats
Lenovo Tablet Laptop IdeaPad U1 http://ow.ly/1glatp
LENOVO ET10 MOBILE PHONE http://ow.ly/1glatr
Lenovo and Intel at Moscow Fashion Week: new stylish notebooks by Lenovo with Intel® Core™ Processor presented http://ow.ly/1glatq
Vulnerabilities in SCADA and PLC in prison - Stuxnet has been the subject of professional and academic interests of ... http://ping.fm/PC67k
Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab will not receive updates Android Ice Cream Sandwich http://ow.ly/1gl6o3
More than 83% of owners are satisfied with iPad device - According to new research Software Usability Research Labor... http://ht.ly/1gl6o4
Sony is preparing a huge flagship smartphone - In the Internet there were characteristics of the future flagship of ... http://ping.fm/qWRXl
Journalists uncovered the shocking fact about the BlackBerry platform 10 http://ping.fm/YUj9L
Rumor: Motorola Droid release postponed until 4 February 2012 http://ping.fm/3EIn8
Sony Ericsson LT28at - a new flagship with 4.55-inch touchscreen and 13MR camera http://ow.ly/1gl6o2
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY has an alpha version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich http://ow.ly/1gl6o1
BGR: BlackBerry 10 does not quite live up to the level of iPhone OS 1.0 and Android 2.0 http://ow.ly/1gl32G
Rumor: Motorola Droid release postponed until 4 February 2012 http://ow.ly/1gl32F
Apple patents laptop that will run for weeks - Apple offers laptops equipped with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Engin... http://ping.fm/YyC7n
Apple patents laptop that will run for weeks http://ow.ly/1gl32H
Ebay buys German software developer BillSafe - Ebay Auctions Online today announced the purchase of the company Bill... http://ping.fm/bnnKX
The web's largest registrar of boycott - Internet users are urged to boycott the world's largest domain name registr... http://ping.fm/XnOZI
Eset: trends and forecasts of malicious software for mobile platforms http://ping.fm/1MH6s
Police spokeswoman arrested for taking bribes from hackers - An employee of Scotland Yard arrested on suspicion of t... http://ping.fm/EW9yv
Facebook phishing recorded a new wave of attacks - Hackers have developed an application to see the "invisible" vide... http://ping.fm/42cH9
LiveJournal: Banned Blogs for Putin violate a user agreement http://ping.fm/9QOGB
Amnesty International website infected with Java exploit - As reported by the experts from Barracudalabs, portal has... http://ping.fm/xZ28N
Hackers send out spam messages using false applications for Android http://ping.fm/xMEOi
The number of security holes in software this year has decreased http://ping.fm/9Poty
Simple HTML-tag leads to a drop of Windows 7 - Uncorrected critical error in the 64-bit Windows 7 makes the computer... http://ping.fm/tnXyi
Experts warn of impending danger to the DNS - According to experts, the laws of PIPA and SOPA can harm the modern sy... http://ping.fm/5wZ1p
Hacker selling data bank cards at $3.50 per card - On its website hacker Poxxie sold the stolen data bank cards. Acc... http://ping.fm/PZNZv
Canalys: Trends in the development of corporate information security in 2012 http://ping.fm/3iPfq
Mozilla creates an extension to circumvent SOPA - Extending DeSopa gets IP-address with an independent alternative D... http://ping.fm/LOCIY
MIT develops MITx: open-source software for online education http://ping.fm/13URX
Hackers can get other people's mobile phones to send paid messages http://ping.fm/DiNUw
"China's network of software developers' hacked - As a result of a hacker attack personal data of 6 million software... http://ping.fm/Tz6W6
People prefer to lie in writing - According to the latest research, it is more convenient for people to lie through ... http://ping.fm/27flv
GFI Labs: Hackers use holiday to send spam - The researchers cite the example of a message that the recipient is not... http://ping.fm/JDm3U
The death of North Korean leader used by hackers to conduct spam attacks http://ping.fm/YZ1WE
Mozilla and Google have extended a partnership agreement - Google will be your default search engine in Mozilla Fire... http://ping.fm/Sdki2
Search engine Baidu excluded from the "black list" of pirated resources http://ping.fm/MnuHO
TripAdvisor site was estimated at $ 4 billion - Site for tourists TripAdvisor, which publishes traveler reviews of h... http://ping.fm/brYvK
Iran has transferred more than 90% of government websites on national servers http://ht.ly/1giZZc
Quantum computers make use of holograms - The proposed group of scientists from the Air Force U.S. Atlantic and Flor... http://ping.fm/CnHP9
According to buyer fixes, IBM, HP and Microsoft top the list of laggards http://ping.fm/Z1eTc
Researcher found 0day vulnerabilities in products of Kaspersky 2011/2012 http://ping.fm/WuVRk
Windows 8 will offer password-images - No matter how opposed the security experts are, but the fact remains no matt... http://ping.fm/cglhV
Indian Embassy in Paris hacked - Anonymous hackers allegedly gained access to the servers of Indian Embassy in Paris... http://ping.fm/7Th2a
Diebold introduced new solutions to prevent attacks on ATMs - The company introduced an upgraded Diebold ATM fascia ... http://ping.fm/MGqQr
How to choose a laptop computer? - Currently, the notebook market has entered a phase of "maturity."This means that ... http://ping.fm/pfoRh
AMD promises that HD 7970 will be 60% faster than NVIDIA GTX 580 http://ow.ly/1ghOJQ
Facebook is suing Mark Zuckerberg - Who is Mark Zuckerberg? Most people who regularly surf the Internet without any ... http://ping.fm/RCAHd
Number of views on YouTube for the year reached a trillion - Google in its official blog announced that YouTube vide... http://ping.fm/0tAPC
Hackers are close to jailbreaking Sony PS Vita - Sony PS Vita appeared only in Japan, and hackers have almost comple... http://ping.fm/d1MV1
HTC phones based on Android banned in the U.S. from next year http://ping.fm/qxER9
Student of computer science from Lancaster University has won competitions in UK digital expertise http://ping.fm/vhMXY
iPad-page fraudsters captured Lady Gaga on Facebook - Scammers hit the jackpot after they successfully crank-oriente... http://ping.fm/woiRI
"Kaspersky Lab": a hybrid Lexus for hybrid antivirus - "Kaspersky Lab" announces a special promotion, "Get your hybr... http://ping.fm/EnG2Y
Crash reports to Apple to help hackers create an exploit to jailbreak http://ping.fm/XMYhn
Saudi prince has invested $300 million in Twitter - Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, the biggest private investor C... http://ping.fm/yrqcQ
Zynga shares on the first day after the IPO fell by 5 percent http://ping.fm/FrPSf
By 2015, users will download 6.5 exabytes of mobile traffic - The development of wireless communications will lead t... http://ping.fm/FLskx
Hacker published code to steal advanced banking data - Hacker posted code for a powerful attack XSS, which, as state... http://ping.fm/SfpvD
Adobe fixes two bugs in actively exploited Reader - Adobe has released updates to its Reader application and Acrobat... http://ping.fm/lliWv
Gartner: major trends of information security and secure shopping for 2012 http://ping.fm/Z92dH
Facebook users themselves discriminated against and abused alcohol http://ping.fm/ptDe6
Built-in memory card reader, touring with the bus from SilverStone USB 3.0 http://ow.ly/1ggfqZ
Driver Genius Professional supports Windows 8 http://ow.ly/1ggfr0
How to remove Carrier IQ from Android, Blackberry and iPhone http://ping.fm/CRP7Q
Gresso Grand Premier Golden Collection Avantgarde extension http://ping.fm/ypXbn
Silent "tailed rodent» Nexus Silent Mouse SM-8500 http://ow.ly/1ggfqY
Old smartphones: tons of data to new owners - A recent study of used smartphones, conducted by a company engaged in ... http://ping.fm/2wekN
Young users are going to extreme measures for access to Internet http://ping.fm/X5wvo
Announced Android 4.0.3 with many fixes and optimizations http://ping.fm/MFizj
Zynga company valued at $ 8.9 billion in IPO - As it became known on Friday, December 16, 2011, the company-develope... http://ping.fm/FiDIU
Iranian hackers managed to replace the GPS-data of the American drone http://ping.fm/xM0AL
Speculation: the end of 2012 Apple will release a 7.9 "tablet" http://ping.fm/AyriV
Google will soon become more expensive than Microsoft - At the current market trends in the near future, Google will... http://ping.fm/AqVdX
RIM "drowning," advised investors to sell mobile unit - RIM has released the results of its operations for the fisca... http://ping.fm/69hUE
Dell refuses to manufacture netbooks - Dell has decided to discontinue the production of netbooks, says resource Lil... http://ping.fm/9l3tB
Most users find the information available on the Web unreliable http://ping.fm/PeArv
10 most important Open Source projects in 2011 - That came to an end for another year. It's time to step back and ev... http://ping.fm/yTzqL
Square Enix hacked again: data stolen 1.8 million accounts - Yesterday at Square Enix said that someone "may have re... http://ping.fm/bUwjp
5 most anticipated developments in the field of authentication in 2012 http://ping.fm/KTR48
JDK Setup - 1. Install JDK on the Client 2. Set up CLASSPATH 3. Verify the Port/SID 4. Test Install with Samples http://ping.fm/A4Vyx
Test Install with Samples - See Verify the Port/SID We provide a set of samples in $ORACLE_HOME/javavm/demo/demo.tar... http://ping.fm/uPavQ
Tracking Service Requests - Previous : Finalizing a Servlet To track service requests, include in your servlet class... http://ping.fm/jtrdk
Set up CLASSPATH - See Install JDK on the client If your client is a Java client involved with a distributed applica... http://ping.fm/7kYiB
The Example Servlets - This chapter uses the Duke's Bookstore application to illustrate the tasks involved in progra... http://ping.fm/qSA6s
Flash Drives PQI i817L http://ping.fm/Ry81c
Maintaining Client State in Servlets - Previous: Managing Web Context Many applications require a series of requests... http://ping.fm/UHeoh
Session Management in Servlets - Previous : Maintaining Client State Since there is no way for an HTTP client to sig... http://ping.fm/jxnKa
Session Tracking in Servlets - Previous : Session Management A Web container can use several methods to associate a ... http://ping.fm/Xkqyo
Malicious programs for Android users hit one million in the first half of 2011 http://ping.fm/FcQzw
Microsoft has decided it will update Internet Explorer automatically http://ping.fm/0egN1
Social network Tagged bought its rival hi5 - Social network Tagged announced the acquisition of its rival gaming soc... http://ping.fm/RqTnB
CSS shaders contribute to data theft - Software developers from Google, Apple, Adobe, etc. struggling with the secur... http://ping.fm/6Cobp
Google Chrome 16 ready - Google has announced its full readiness final version of Web browser Chrome, 16 in which th... http://ping.fm/hdb6I
The duo Transcend SDHC-cards with data transfer rate 85 MB/s http://ping.fm/bajej
Android and iOS dominate the smartphone market in the U.S. - Operating system, Android and iOS leaving behind other ... http://ping.fm/q1yGT
New corporate identity of HP http://ping.fm/d9qqC
Apple provides access to iTunes for users in Latin America - Apple has today officially announced the expansion of i... http://ping.fm/HFa2T
Smartphone Prada Phone by LG 3.0 the first official photos http://ping.fm/j7Ipp
Top failures in software for 2011 according to SQS Software - SQS Software Quality Systems has compiled a list of th... http://ping.fm/y70ZB
Microsoft uses a malicious software on Android for the promotion of Windows Phone http://ping.fm/lDoqL
12 hacker gangs are behind majority of Chinese cyberattacks - Eastern European and Russian hackers mostly steal fina... http://ping.fm/YCCs1
Microsoft finally fixes Duqu-vulnerability - Microsoft released a security update that closes once and for all "nucl... http://ping.fm/0bhCD
Hitachi Ultrastar C10K900: the fastest HDD in its class http://ow.ly/1g9PGN
Sapphire has released a High-End-Pure Black 990FX board http://ow.ly/1g9PGM
NAS-Server from Thecus on dual-core processor Cavium http://ow.ly/1g9PGP
Micromax Superfone Lite A75 http://ow.ly/1g9PGO
Toyota Prius G's - a new look and handling http://ow.ly/1g9PGQ
Wikipedia creator wants to close the project in protest - Wikipedia creator Jimmy Wales wants to close the project d... http://ping.fm/JqCZJ
Blogger users can broadcast in Google + - According to The Official Buzz from Blogger at Google, now all users of th... http://ping.fm/v9c1g
Megaupload file hosting sue Universal Music - Based in Hong Kong, the company Megaupload to sue Universal Music, rep... http://ping.fm/3u9Vg
Motherboard EVGA SR-X two-socket LGA 2011 in all its glory - Source: VR-Zone http://ping.fm/WbJyl
AMD prepares its own solutions to compete with ultrabook http://ow.ly/1g9Mow
The analyst points to yield iPad 3 in February http://ow.ly/1g9Mov
ICANN will support applicants for new domains - President of ICANN Rod Beckstrom at a meeting with journalists repor... http://ping.fm/PEIPy
Compromised and published personal data of law enforcement officials of the U.S. http://ping.fm/ZlvAv
Scientists are closer to momentary learning style of Matrix - What is the price of learning without effort? In an ar... http://ping.fm/5lV0b
Malicious applications again waded in Android Market - Google's security team removed at least a dozen games for sma... http://ping.fm/p04de
September attack on chemical firms continues - More than two months after the detection of a malicious campaign, org... http://ping.fm/T805D
President of Guyana site hacked - Hackers of the group The Hackers Army hacked the official website of the President... http://ping.fm/tEgIn
Adaptor with USB 3.0 to HDMI and USB 3.0 to VGA adapter from StarTech.com http://ping.fm/Cku5M
Samsung Series 5 Ultrabuki announced in South Korea http://ow.ly/1g8hjn
Camera BenQ GH700 21-fold zoom lens and 16-megapixel BSI CMOS-sensor http://ping.fm/RIt27
Lens SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm F1.7 Camera Sony NEX http://ow.ly/1g8hjm
Role-playing game Borderlands 2 as spice http://ow.ly/1g8cXm
Intel is working on a processor Core i5-2550K http://ow.ly/1g8cXj
A new feature in Google + recognizes faces http://ow.ly/1g8cXl
Motorola Droid Bionic gets update http://ow.ly/1g8cXk
Domain 3D.com sold on Sedo for $ 500 000 http://ow.ly/1g8cXn
Samsung Galaxy S2 Review - Characteristics of Samsung i9100 Galaxy S 2 16GB Released on market:2011 Standard:GSM 900... http://ping.fm/BylDJ
Anonymous "closed" PR-company Monsanto - Anonymous pleaded responsible for disabling the Washington PR firm. But the... http://ping.fm/VQmPi
Microsoft tests Windows Defender Offline - Microsoft has released a beta version of its off-line antivirus Windows D... http://ping.fm/rfY8y
India introduces Internet censorship - In contrast to the Russian authorities, who even today do not resort to openl... http://ping.fm/3csDH
Try to crack: Chrome the most secure browser, IE second, Firefox on third place http://ping.fm/qFnnO
Fujitsu and SuVolta presented memory with ultra-low power consumption http://ping.fm/jg0cS
Google maps on internal communications, IPv6 - Google will translate all internal networks and communication process... http://ping.fm/8P2fZ
Slip in ensuring privacy, Telstra data revealed millions of customers http://ping.fm/9W9q9
LiveJournal has started testing the new comment form - Blogging platform LiveJournal has started testing a new form ... http://ping.fm/2pov2
The most famous (caught) Hackers of 2011 - Thanks to groups such as Anonymous, LulzSec, Goatse Security and Antisec ... http://ping.fm/CnYtR
Another certification authority has suspended operation after data loss http://ping.fm/nAfKJ
Future Monoblocks Apple TV function can receive http://ow.ly/1g7goL
Acer aims to sell in 2012 to 10% more PCs through ultrabook http://ow.ly/1g7goN
Two "Radeon" by Sapphire for fans of the game Runes of Magic http://ow.ly/1g7goJ
Stick-clip KINGMAX UI-03 from the line of Urban Series http://ow.ly/1g7goM
MEMS-generator instead of batteries for wireless sensors http://ow.ly/1g7goK
International police conducted an operation to neutralize two European pirate groups http://ping.fm/JsnRW
Romanian hackers accused of stealing credit card numbers via the Subway fast food http://ping.fm/sALsL
Adobe Flash suffered a new blow - Square Enix is preparing to release a web app Mini Ninjas, first game for the brow... http://ping.fm/bvHIB
Google buys software developer RightsNow - Google purchased service RightsNow, a small software developer with which... http://ping.fm/4xWvv
GFI Software provided a list of the most common threats for November 2011 http://ping.fm/PqMfS
HP makes webOS into an independent and fully open source project http://ping.fm/8mufS
First 3D Full HD-projector from BenQ Home Cinema - BenQ, with undisguised pride announced the release of their debut... http://ping.fm/a30li
HOVIS first low-cost robot that works with Android - The South Korean company Dasarobot (currently occupied by the ... http://ping.fm/RzL9L
As of December 1, the network worked 555 million websites - Web monitoring company Netcraft today released the Decem... http://ping.fm/Evl4s
Google will provide its own geolocation service - It seems that in the near future, Google will introduce a new proj... http://ping.fm/cE5bu
Download.com administration apologized for spreading malware http://ping.fm/NykD5
Smartphone LG Prada K2 http://ping.fm/mDx7b
Hotmail has improved filtering of incoming messages - Microsoft has announced the launch of new features and functio... http://ping.fm/bwUD5
Gaming laptop Razer Blade will be available http://ping.fm/4z26Q
Chrono Trigger available for iOS-devices http://ow.ly/1g5ZHK
Nokia began shipping the smartphone Lumia 710 http://ow.ly/1g5ZHJ
Batman: Arkham City Lockdown for iOS http://ow.ly/1g5ZHL
Samsung is preparing a 11.6-inch tablet with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 http://ping.fm/lUJf7
Samsung is preparing a 11.6-inch tablet with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 http://ow.ly/1g5ZHI
JBL On Tour Micro for those who like loud http://ow.ly/1g5ZHH
Next week Microsoft will release 20 patches for its products http://ping.fm/ynUSt
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